Episode 16 - Building a better bundle

In this episode we discuss what makes a good Symfony bundle, and how you as a bundle author can build a better bundle.

Photo credit: bundle by foam (CC-BY-SA)

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Episode 15 - Live from Barcelona

In another of our conference specials, Tobias, Magnus and Ryan is live from Symfony Catalunya 2016 in Barcelona. We talk about the conference, and, trying make the most of being around some of the experts in the community, we talk to Marc Morera and Michael Cullum about building local PHP communities.

Photo credit: Jeremy Mikola

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Episode 14 - What's new in Symfony 3.1

The band is back together and this time it's a blast from the past. We revisit the old news segment and do a whole show featuring nothing but news. We're talking Symfony 3.1, PHP 7.1 and the fall conference season.

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Episode 13 - E-commerce with Paweł

In this episode we talk about e-commerce on Symfony in general, and using Sylius in particular with our special guest, Paweł Jędrzejewski.

Photo credit: Pike Place Market by Tiffany Von Arnim (CC-BY).

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Episode 12 - Building a stronger community

This time we're talking about the Symfony Community, how we can make it better, and what we can learn from other communities.

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